Our granola is unique and baked fresh! Please understand that in order to bake our granola fresh for you, it takes longer to arrive at your door. It’s not stored in a warehouse. Please see our order processing link under the menu for processing time and info.


"My experience started when I opened the re-sealable bag. The sweet, cool aroma invited me in for a taste.  The perfect crunch to the perfect amount of soft.  A must try for anyone. I am not a cereal lover, but I love this granola." - Suzette Young Christopher

"Sherry this is beyond delicious! It must be what heaven tastes like! My mouth and heart are soooo happy! I can even taste the love you put in it. AMAZING!"  -Courtney Milillo

"This stuff is the bomb! I don't have the time or inclination to make my own granola.  I am beyond thankful that Lolli has decided to sell her addictive granola.  Get some for you and do like I do, hide it from the family."   - Laura Lee Williams

"I love it! My 17 year old cousin is super picky and tried Lolli"s Granola and wanted to eat my whole bag.  I will be buying more." -Laura Frasher

"Love this granola and I don't usually eat granola.  Waiting on my next order."  - Kathy Olson

"The best granola I have had in awhile! Thank you Sherry." - Jennifer Keyser

"Its just so yummy! Thank you for making such a great low carb granola."  - Erika Cope Milewski

"OMG my whole family is hooked!  Absolutely yummy! Even my grandkids enjoyed it!" - Pam Weems Cannestra

"The best! I feel like I'm eating something forbidden on my keto plan...but its right on plan."  -Erica Kahn O'Brien

"I loved it! I will definitely buy again! So tasty!"  -Tracey McKee

"Love this stuff!"  -Kathy Morgan-Curneal